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How to follow best practices for content marketing strategies for eye care providers

What is Content Marketing for Eye Care Providers?

Content marketing is the process of distributing content to your audience that is valuable, engaging, and relevant. Instead of trying to “sell” your product or service, this useful and relevant content does all of the heavy lifting, and is designed to help your audience solve their problem, and then take the appropriate action to become one of your new patients. Traditional types of marketing are becoming less effective and you must have a forward thinking strategy if you are going to stay in the game. There is no better strategy than to hire a content marketing specialist to make you the authority in your field, and help you cut through the clutter and get your message delivered to your target audience.

Why is a Content Marketing Strategy For Your Practice So Important?

A strong content marketing strategy for eye doctors and eye care providers should be part of any serious marketing strategy. At Optometry Marketing Success, we create content marketing campaigns that allow you to deeply connect with your patients, because the information you distribute is customized to their wants, needs, etc. In addition, our campaigns allow you to promote your product or service without being too pushy or promotional, and this builds a great deal of trust and loyalty to your brand.

Content marketing for your eye care practice allows you to connect with your patients at a whole different level. Articles, videos, blog posts, pictures, surveys, and infographics are just some of the ways you can connect. A good campaign doesn’t just focus on getting someone to buy your product or service, but it gets them to see your organization as someone they trust, and believe you are the best choice to help them solve whatever issue they need help with.

Content marketing for optometrists or eye care providers is also extremely important to the major search engines. This should be important to you because you want prospective patients to find your business and not your competitors. Because Google is the new yellow pages, your best chance of being found is when someone “googles” your product or service. You might even be working with an SEO firm to help you get found Google, and if so you probably are aware that search engine algorithms frequently update. The algorithms update so that the newest, most relevant results display for the consumer. Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand.

In recent years Google has shown a trend toward favoring websites that provide fresh quality content, and penalizing those that don’t. This means that publishing fresh content will help your site get more exposure in the search engine results. This means consumers find your organization and not your competitors.


The Power of Eye Care Provider Content Marketing

  • 63% of companies reported there marketing effectiveness has increased as a result of posting content on various social media outlets.
  • A whopping 70% of consumers report they prefer to learn more about a company through an actual article, and not advertising!
  • More than 50% of organizations that have blogs, reported their blog increased traffic to their site by 55%!
  • 60% of Facebook and Twitter users said they are more likely to recommend a brand they follow!
  • The number of Twitter users who say they buy from a brand they follow is 67%!
  • Organizations that employ a content marketing strategy, including blogs, get 97% more inbound links to their site (a major factor in SEO)!

Why Choose Optometry Marketing Success as the Premier Content Marketing Agency for Your Eye Care Practice?

  • Campaigns for eye doctors and ECP’s designed to build patient loyalty and trust while promoting your product or service!
  • Highly engaging and valuable content!
  • Free content marketing audit
  • SEO friendly content that gets found in the search engine results!
  • Adherence to content marketing best practices
  • Our social fortress program syndicates your content to over 25 high authority websites, essentially flooding the market with your brand, product, service, etc.
  • Thorough, painstaking research to understand and best connect with your target audience!
  • Unlimited support!
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee- if it’s not right we will make it right free!


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