Why Choose Us?

More Eye Exams, powered by The Spector Group is a premier provider of digital marketing services to Eye Care Providers with more than 10 years experience. More Eye Exams is an amazing team of professionals with backgrounds in optical, marketing, digital media (SEO, PPC, etc), consulting, business management, graphic design, and computer programming.   More Eye Exams is a dedicated team of professionals from The Spector Group Digital Marketing Agency that solely focuses on, is trained in, and specializes in working with eye care providers.  This team has some of the most brilliant, talented, driven people in the world! Our team upholds a commitment to honesty, integrity, loyalty, keeping our promise, being fair, respecting our clients, and being of the highest moral character.

We do not work with just any client. Our clients must meet a certain minimum set of criteria. Once we discover you meet this set of criteria we talk with you to get an idea of how you operate, what you want to accomplish, what your ideas are, and so forth.  We then take that information and implement a plan that accomplishes your goals while also achieving the highest ROI possible. I know, if you have talked to six other companies, all six of them have told you about the great results they will get you and the increased ROI. My question is- do they guarantee it?

Everyone promises it, but at More Eye Exams we GUARANTEE it! That’s right- if you don’t see results, or you’re not happy with our services for any reason at all we will give you a COMPLETE REFUND.

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